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Bowdon Cricket Pavilion - 18 April 1874

Bowdon Cricket Pavilion - 18 April 1874

Bowdon Webmaster18 Apr - 13:08
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Bowdon Cricket Pavilion - 18 April 1874

Dear Friend of Bowdon Cricket

Whilst we wait for the eventual start of the 2024 cricket season, we today celebrate the 150th anniversary of the opening of our Pavilion on the 18th April 1874 when a match between married and unmarried members took place. This match was immediately followed by a very well attended dinner and we assume a good time was had by all.

We remain eternally grateful for those who founded our club in 1856, and the thank all those custodians of the club who have passed on the love of Cricket to be played in Bowdon to the future generations.

So wherever you may be, please raise a glass of something and toast Bowdon Cricket Club, thank those who've gone before us, and commit to providing the future for those to come.

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